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Roanoke County's Public Information Office offers residents and visitors exclusive looks into our community. From small businesses to local attractions, special events, and updates from our Board of Supervisors, learn more about Roanoke County through our Roam RoCo vlogs, the Out of Office podcast series and notes from Board of Supervisors' meetings.

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Roam around Roanoke County with Kaelyn and learn more about our community, your local government, and the many destinations you'll only find in Roanoke County, Virginia. See our entire playlist or choose a video segment below to get started.

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  1. Kaelyn in the firetruck

    Vinton Fire Station Tour and Ride Along

    Ever wonder what happens when a fire station receives a call? Check out the latest Roam RoCo to see for yourself! Read on...
  2. Practicing self defense moves

    First Steps to Self Defense

    If you were to need to use self-defense, would you know the first steps to take? Kaelyn learns from the Roanoke County Sheriff's Office a few basic moves to make her feel safer! Read on...
  3. Love is in the air in Roanoke

    Love Is in the Air in Roanoke County

    Roanoke County is the perfect place to warm your heart this Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day! Make sure to check out our local restaurants and shops when spreading the love this season! Read on...
  4. Program Planner at Brambleton Center

    Kaelyn Explores the Brambleton Center

    Kaelyn found her niche during a recent visit to the Brambleton Center! Learn more alongside Kaelyn all the Brambleton Center has to offer. Read on...
  5. Thumbs up from Kaelyn at Green Ridge

    Achieving Fitness Goals at Green Ridge Rec. Center

    Kaelyn is focusing on fitness this new year and started with Green Ridge Recreation Center to get on the right track. Read on...
  6. Working out at Pure Barre

    Top Places to Shop in Roanoke County for the Outdoor Adventurer and Fitness Guru!

    For that person who loves the outdoors and/or working out, you can't go wrong with gifts from these places! Read on...
  7. Eating at Dogwood Restaurant

    Top 3 Places to Shop in Roanoke County for the Foodie!

    Look no further than these three popular Roanoke restaurants and cafes when shopping for the foodie on your list! Read on...
  8. Shopping for jewelry at Her Perfect Day

    Top 3 Places to Shop in Roanoke County for a Pamper Queen!

    Know someone who enjoys self care and being pampered? Here are three places you must check out. Read on...
  9. Kaelyn shopping at Windsor Gifts

    Top 3 Places to Shop in Roanoke County for the Person Who Has Everything!

    Don't know where to begin with shopping for that person who has everything? Here are three places that are sure to bring success! Read on...
  10. Kaelyn Shopping at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply

    Top 3 Places to Shop in Roanoke County for the Beer and Wine Lover!

    Top gifts for the beer and wine lover in your life! Read on...
  11. Moki the Adventure Dog plays fetch

    Adventure Dog Takes Kaelyn on an Adventure

    How will Kaelyn, who has never owned a dog before, fare with Moki the Adventure Dog? Read on...
  12. Kaelyn and Keara at the top of McAfee Knob

    Hello From the Top of McAfee Knob

    Join Kaelyn and Keara as they hike to the most photographed spot on the Appalachian Trail! Read on...
  13. Kaelyn at fire station

    Fire Station Tour at Cave Spring Station #3

    Join Kaelyn Spicker as she tours Cave Spring Fire Station #3. Read on...
  14. Kaelyn Smiling at TreeTop Quest

    Conquering Treetop Quest

    Treetop Quest is fun for the entire family - unless you're afraid of heights! Join Kaelyn and Keara on the aerial course at Explore Park, and see that Treetop Quest is truly fun for all ages. Read on...
  15. Kaelyn and Keara arrive to Explore Park

    First Time Camping at Explore Park

    Come along as Kaelyn learns about camping at Explore Park, how to properly set up a tent, and create a campfire to roast delicious smores! Read on...

Board of Supervisors Meeting Notes

Out of the Office Podcast

Board Meeting Notes
Out of the Office Podcast

After each meeting, we'll post updates from the Board of Supervisors meetings here along with brief explanations about how these decisions make a difference in our community.

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Join host Kaelyn Spickler and her guest speakers as they talk about the latest things to see and do around Roanoke County and the greater Roanoke Valley. 

>> Listen to the latest Out of the Office Podcast.